Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Falling In deeper.

I think the one problem with critiques is the more you get the more work that needs to be done. It seems everyone has their own take on things and how things should be done. More then that though is that the more people you show your demo reel the more problems people seem to find in it. At this rate these animations will never be done.

But as I once heard from someone who obviously had experience in these types of matters, "Animators never usually finish anything, they just run out of time."

I managed to add some simple animation to my credits scene. The animation is only on half the screen because the other half will be black for the text to go on. If I get the chance I will try to animate it more, but I think this scene is at the very bottom of the 'to do list.'


  1. There is actually an animation before this explaining why there is a mug in his head. I'm glad that it made you smile!