Friday, June 18, 2010

After Effects

Had an interview today with a company that wanted an Adobe After Effects freelancer, so I dug through all my files and put together a really quick demo reel of my stuff. A lot of it is old, and any of the live action footage isn't mine, it was given to me for the lesson(it was a college assignment).

I can't say it's that great of a reel, I definitely would want to update it. Will it get me the job? Probably not, but it's better then going in empty handed.

(I seem to be having technical difficulties with photobucket, and the video won't upload to blogspot either...I'll have to try and fix this.)

Monday, June 14, 2010

B. Coon

Sort of a raccoon beaver mix, hence the B. Coon title.

No luck in the job hunt so far...I get the feeling I may have to force myself into factory work again. I do not look forward to the 11hr 6 days a week schedule. I wind up so exhausted that even thinking seems tiring. So there probably won't be many updates if that happens.

Just have to keep trying I guess.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Drawing Classes

I wanted to take some figure drawing classes, or just find a workshop to go to. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any decent ones in the area. I did go and meet the instructor to some classes that are about 45 minuets away without traffic. The classes themselves sounded good, but the drive was a bit to much...way to many highways and the traffic was pretty bad. The new semester for the county college start in a month or so, I hope they will be offering something.

I also need to find my scanner...