Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Site

I have been wanting to make a new website, mostly because the site I have now is getting really old and the work on there is very out dated. So I decided to try making a new one out of a blog. Not only would it be a bit cheaper to host (I would only need to pay for the url) it would also be a lot easier to update.

I decided to try wordpress first only because I heard that its one of the better blog sites with lots of customization, but after playing with the blog I would up wanting to smash my head into the desk. It was a really pretty site, but small things kept bothering me especially all of the 'upgrades' I would need to get the site I want. So in the end I decided to go back to blogger and have made a decent site. There are still a few things that I wished blogger had that wordpress did, but I am still happy with what I have.

Just a bit of tweaking and moving things around and I may be switching over to this site for my new portfolio site.

Check it out!

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